Houseplant – Another Alternative to Home Garden


Previously, we have discussed about vertical garden that you can apply for limited area you have at home. However, you may need even more simplified thing as the alternative for home garden with limited space available. In this case, you still have one more possible option related to planting something green at home. It is houseplant; the simple and easy one to do, but still effective to bring the fresh air inside the room.

As you may guess, houseplant allows you to plant something at home, especially for interior use, without large space needed. The idea is you plant flowers or something else on the pots and place the plants inside the room, for example in the corner of the room near the window. However, there are several things you should consider before applying for the houseplant if you really want to make the houseplant as functional and beautiful as you wish.

The basic concerns you should consider about applying this at home is the most suitable pot for the plant (porous pot is the best), the mixture of the soil that enables the plant to grow well, the resources of the sunlight so that you need to place the houseplant somewhere with the sunlight needed, the friendly temperature for the plant, and the humidity. Those must be something difficult to think by your own. However, you will find no problem about the houseplant if you can call interior designer or florist to help you with those things. Happy house planting!

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