OdorFree ozone generator machines

Ultraviolet light (UV) and ozone gas (O3) eliminate outdoor odors and the microorganisms that cause them. Unfortunately, indoor environments receive very little ozone or UV light. This can make indoor odors difficult to remove.

Ozone generator machines like the OdorFree purifier create O3 in a special process that utilizes electricity. The process sanitizes indoor environments by microorganisms, pollutants and the odors they produce. This gives homes, schools, hospitals, offices and other indoor spaces the clean, fresh smell of nature.

Nature’s ozone is a natural cleaner during sunlight and thunderstorms. OdorFree ozone generator machines mimic nature by converting normal oxygen (O2) to ozone. If it is unused, the O3 reverts back to O2 in an hour or so. By removing odors at their source, air purifiers leave behind a clean and natural scent.

OdorFree and similar companies offer a wide range of air purifiers to meet every indoor need. Some products are designed for small or compact spaces and others are meant for medium-sized spaces. Larger models are designed for large, unoccupied rooms.

Professional ozone generators are good odor removal solutions for a variety of unwelcome smells. They are perfect for pet odors, cigarette odors, apartments and dormitories, automobiles and boats, smoke and fire damage, mold and mildew, hospitals and nursing homes, classrooms and offices, water damage and more. They are also beneficial for people with allergies and other sensitivities.

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