Popular Ways to Use Beaded Curtains

Many people have discovered the unique flair that a pair of beaded curtains can add to the décor of their home. The curtains can contribute sparkle and brightness to an ordinary room. Here are some examples of ways that homeowners are incorporating beaded curtains into their décor.

Over a Window

Some homeowners like to put beaded curtains over a window in their bedroom. The sunlight pouring in a window is caught by the beads of the curtains making them sparkle throughout the daylight hours. As the curtains move with the air currents in a home, they can create patterns of light on the walls and floor of a room. Many homeowners appreciate the dynamic qualities of beaded curtains.

A Doorway

Another way that homeowners incorporate these curtains into the décor is to put them in doorways. They can be lightly pushed aside by anyone entering or leaving the room. They are much more interesting than a having a plain door or just an open doorway. Some homeowners look for beaded curtains with a design that complements other furnishings and details in a room.

One Corner of a Room

Sometimes a homeowner will put beaded curtains up against a wall in one corner of a room. This corner may have subtle lighting that needs to be enhanced. For instance, there may be a simple lamp or some soft wall lights. These curtains will reflect the subtle lighting in this corner making the area much more appealing to visitors. A homeowner with an area in a room that needs more interest and illumination may want to conduct some research on these types of curtains to determine whether to order now.

A Particular Item in a Room

Finally, there are homeowners who use beaded curtains to highlight an item that they are proud of. For instance, a homeowner may have a painting that he or she loves. Beaded curtains may be hung on either side of the curtains to draw even more attention to the painting. This is all the more effective if the painting is lit from above with its own lighting. Or, a homeowner may have a vase that he or she treasures. Beaded curtains would be an appealing background for the vase. A vase with a pair of beaded curtains hanging on the wall behind it would not be overlooked by any visitors entering the room!

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