Renew, Don’t Replace

Power washing can change the whole look of your home, outdoor furniture and even your wood deck. Ridding your deck of mold and discoloration will improve its appearance and have your neighbors envious of your “new” deck!

Power washing can be a tricky business to get all the nuances right for an improved look. Water isn’t always harmless especially when it’s pressurized for efficient and maximum cleaning. Experience definitely counts when wielding the end of a hose attached to a power washer! Technicians, such as the Renew Crew at have the expertise and ability to brighten your deck and the exterior of your home.

Just as a car can benefit from a power washing, so can your home. Dust and dirt cling to home exteriors dulling the color and brightness. Power washing will do for your home what a car wash does for your car- leave it free of dust, dirt and grime with a brightness it may not have had in a while. But let the experts do the job to avoid unnecessary damage. Different exterior finishes require different types of cleaning agents. Harsh chemicals don’t have to be used for effective and brilliant cleaning. Professional cleaning products are made that use ingredients gentle to your landscape, pets and family. In addition to cleaning, the professionals will be able to seal the surfaces for added protection against weathering and other causes of possible damage.

Reputable companies stand behind their work so when choosing a company make sure to check their customer service and satisfaction guarantees. You want a company that stands behind its work and will make sure the job is done to your complete satisfaction. Representatives should be friendly and knowledgeable to answer any questions you may have including free estimate information.

Because your schedule is busy, you’ll want the professional cleaning crews to arrive on time and complete the job in a timely manner. Conscientious representative will work with you to set up convenient times and keep the crew on task so you can make the most of your time in your home.

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