Themed Bedroom Design for Kids

Themed Bedroom Design for Kids

We must be selfish if we only think about beautifying our own bedroom while or kids’ bedroom looks far from any home designing ideas. Yes, even our children need bedroom that makes the comfortable being inside so that we should think about the interior design for the bedroom as well. For this we can adapt something like themed bedroom.

What I mean by themed bedroom is the bedroom design idea that comes from children’s interests. It means that we should pay attention to what our kids want for their bedroom. We can discuss first about anything or we can simply do a kind of research about their interest by paying attention to their habits. When we have found the idea, we can start thinking about the theme.

As an example, if our girls love the figure of Hello Kitty, we can create the decoration based on the figure. We can paint the room with dominant pink because this color is very typical to the figure. Next, we can continue with the furniture and any stuffs inside the room. For example, we can apply Hello Kitty rug area on the floor and Hello Kitty bedcover for the bed. If it is possible, we can also decorate the room by arranging collectible items of Hello Kitty such as dolls or other kind of toys. Finally, the bedroom will look so charming with the Hello Kitty theme we build.

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