Tips for using a stone in interior design

Modern construction market is overfilled with finishing materials made of plastic and polymers. These materials have a huge list of virtues like low price and stunning exterior features, but experience shows that natural finish is becoming more and more popular with each passing year. People want to see not only an artificial beauty in their homes, but also a piece of nature, which makes any home much cozier and more comfortable. Moreover, it should be noted that today a large number of people are prone to allergic reaction, so nowadays, a natural finish is relevant more than ever.

Application of stone in interiors of residential premises

The use of natural stone for interior and exterior decoration is one of the oldest techniques applied in residential construction. Natural stone is mined in open pits and then processed accordingly its further application: whether for decoration and finishing or building works. The shape and texture of each stone type defines the type of application. Natural stone offers long wear and easy care and at the same time you can not worry that it will be losing its original appearance with the passing time. However, natural stone is expensive material and the process of construction also requires special skills. Nevertheless, it is widely used for lining of a fireplace and kitchen hood due to its exceptional thermal insulating properties. Custom made stone elements for home interiors greatly enhance the overall look of the house or apartment.

Application of natural stone in the interior is an eco-friendly method of creating luxurious and cozy atmosphere in the room. Finishing of internal and external walls and lining various surfaces with a stone is a perfect solution for custom homes located in mountainous or wooded areas. There are several different styles of decorative stones, which can be used both outside and indoors. The most expensive option is the use of a natural stone. Some manufacturers offer false stones made of plywood that look like natural, but are far cheaper. Artificial stone is the cheapest option, because it is made of concrete and natural components. Custom made products made of artificial stone also look great.

Stone in kitchen interior

Currently, designers recommend two natural materials: stone and wood for kitchen finishing and trim. Wood needs a special approach. This material absorbs moisture quickly, changes its dimensions under the influence of temperature and humidity, warps and rots. Therefore, it is not used for manufacturing of custom kitchen hoods and other elements of kitchen interior. Kitchen made of stone is more practical interior solution. Custom interior elements made of stone like hood, countertop and columns integrate durability and reliability, natural beauty and practicality. It should be added that polished stone surfaces of hoods and countertops withstand high mechanical and thermal loads, high humidity and aggressive media (household chemicals). Therefore, if you have decided to create kitchen interior using a stone, it is a viable solution and not just in terms of beauty, but also in terms of smooth functionality.

Natural finish will give a room a kind of chic and thoroughness of the living space. This kind of interior represents a strong family, financial wealth and certain social status. In general, if you use a stone in the lining of interior, it means you possess an excellent sense of taste.

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