Tips to Maintain Wooden Furniture at Home

Wooden Furniture

Wooden furniture will be always the best option for any home owners as the part of beautiful home interior design or home decoration. The most challenging part of owning the wooden furniture at home is the maintenance to keep the furniture looks great. Here are ten tips to maintain or care the wooden furniture you have.

  1. Use warm water mixed with mild dish soap to clean the furniture.
  2. High quality paste wax is the best choice in protecting the furniture after cleaning.
  3. Never position the furniture that enables the sun light to reach it.
  4. Do not arrange the furniture too close to heating stuff.
  5. Appropriate shoe polish can be used to make any unwanted scratches to be invisible.
  6. Take the furniture off prior to metal polishing.
  7. Most wooden furniture does not need to be polished with polishes or oils since it is sealed.
  8. Rub hazy spot or ring that appear because of hot coffee mug by using mild abrasive such as the mixture of toothpaste (the one that does not contain gel) with baking soda.
  9. In addition to the caring steps above, make sure that you inspect all parts of new or antique wooden furniture prior to the purchase. Make sure that there is no secondary or reconditioned wood material attached.
  10. Get the assistance you need from the professionals if you find difficulties with your furniture.

Keep maintaining the wooden furniture you have at home. Believe it that your wooden furniture is such investment with increasing value day by day.

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